What If?

You might be wondering, “What if _(fill in the blank)_ happens when I’m at home? How do I take care of that?” Here are a few things to review to address some common questions:

What If I have a “Pokey” or Mouth Sore From a Rough Spot?

Wax – you can place wax or soft chewing gum (sugar-free) over the bracket or irritating spot. If you use wax it will stick best if you dry the area really well before applying.
Gooshy Goo – We have lots of free wax to offer, but some folks just can’t stand the taste, feel, or have a tough time getting it to stick. We also offer Gooshy Goo in the office and it’s super great at keeping those pokeys at bay, and it’s easy to use too! just call and ask about it or bring it up at your next appointment.
Orthodots – another alternative to wax is Orthodots. You can get them at most Walgreens or Walmart pharmacies. It tends to stick much better than wax.

What if I have a Broken Bracket or Loose Band/Appliance?

Check it – give the bracket or band a little push to make sure it’s a broken bracket and not just a broken “Ligature.” If you call will you tell us which # tooth it should be connected to?
If it’s irritating – you can put wax on it until you are able to make it into the office. If it’s really bad you might be able to trim the wire just in front of the loose bracket so it comes out (see below on trimming a wire).

What if wire is out of place (bent, broken, long, or loose)?

Place it back in the tube – Clean tweezers or needle nose pliers can sometimes work well to hold the wire as you slide it back in the slot.
Cut the wire if you can’t get it in the tube – Clean nail clippers or wire cutters are great at cutting excess or pokey wires. Give us a call next day and describe where you cut the wire.

True Emergencies in orthodontics are extremely rare. In the event of traumatic injuries, car accidents, sports accidents, or severe pain that doesn’t involve teeth, go to the E.R. or call your family dentist. Any severe pain and situations not covered above may require you to contact our office.

If our office is not open you may contact us through our 24-hour emergency on-call Dr. and/or assistant. Call the office number and navigate through the message for the option to connect. Leave a message with details and we will return your call as quickly as possible.

Remeber to protect yourself with a mouthguard.

We offer mouthguards in our office. Just ask our team when you are there.