What to Expect


You have braces now. That is so Cool!

We want to give you a few ideas on what to expect…

We use an awesomely cool bonding agent to help hold the bracket to the teeth. After 24 hours it should be set to its full strength. But until you become accustomed to eating with your braces, you may find that softer foods are safer and more comfortable for you.

Here’s a few pointers:

  • Expect your teeth & gums to initially get sore
  • Expect that in the initial stages you might see some spaces open (we will absolutely close unnecessary spaces as we progress through treatment)
  • Expect your teeth to become a little wiggle while they are being moved (a little movement is totally normal)
  • Expect your mouth to produce a lot of saliva (your brain initially thinks the braces are food!)
  • Expect to have difficult speaking for the first few days (your lips and tongue need to get used to the newness of it all)
  • Expect wires to be a bit poky as your teeth straighten (wires move as teeth do, but wax is grand at helping with that)

We have a lot of great tips on how to address these items so keep reading ☺

To Relieve Discomfort

1. Advil or Tylenol (or whichever medication you normally take for a headache)
2. Soft Foods (especially after appointments)
3. Cold Water/Cold Foods/Cold Beverages

Pro Tip

Warm salt water rinses – 1 tsp salt in an 8 oz glass of warm water can relieve discomfort for swollen gums.