Tools and Tips

There are so many products out there to help you through your orthodontic treatments. Some are better than others. We couldn’t let you go without tipping you off on some of our personal favorites:

Electric Toothbrush: The great thing about electric toothbrushes is that they clean more thoroughly than an old-school brush. The vibration allows you to do the same amount of work with a lot less pressure. When you’re wearing braces, that kind of deeper cleaning is always worth it.
Waterpik: Waterpiks are a pretty handy tool. They are to dental floss what the electric brush is to a regular toothbrush. These devices use pressurized water to clean between your teeth. They get into places that no brush can and do it much more easily than floss. If you’ve got braces, this thing can be a lifesaver.
OrthoDots: These are tiny squares of clear, bio-medical grade silicone. Wherever braces rub, poke, or wear on your mouth, just stick on one of these moldable dots. You can shape it to perfectly fit the location, and you don’t even need to dry your teeth off first. OrthoDots have a moisture-activated adhesive that makes them both easy and convenient.
Gishy Goo: Very much like OrthoDots, Gishy Goo is a substance used to protect the mouth from any irritation caused by wires or brackets. Unlike the OrthoDots, however, this material does not come in a pre-made and pre-sized package. You can squeeze out however much you need and mix it together right there on the spot. Once you place it on the trouble area, it will harden up and stay there.
Steraligner: Steraligner is a great cleaning solution for braces and retainers. It wards off bacteria and gets rid of tartar, keeping all of your equipment looking new and feeling fresh in only a three-minute treatment.
Retainer Bright: This cleaner comes in the form of tablets. It removes bacteria and prevents bad breath. This product is especially good with clear aligners. While some substances may stain or cloud the transparency, Retainer Bright keeps things clear and spotless.

If you have any other questions or concerns about products, feel free to call us, or come in for a visit.