Teen Corner

Braces? Checkups? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Hey, we get it. Dental work is not something you want to spend a lot of energy on, when there are malls to shop, movies to see, and dates to go on.

Tell you what, though: it’s worth it. We promise. And we don’t just mean for your smile, although we’ll do that, too.

Lookin’ Good!

Got a date? An important concert? A ceremony you need to look killer for? Hi 5 Orthodontics makes it our business to get you in tip top shape for all of your important events. You deserve a spectacular smile to match the spectacular rest of you.

Invisalign Teen is one great way to do that. Check it out here.

You’ll look great and have teeth that work like they should for you. What we’re saying here is that you just can’t lose.

Come to the Dark Side! We have Ice Cream!

Did we mention the free ice cream? Because there’s free ice cream. You can learn more over on the ice cream page, or you can just come into our office to get some. And that’s only one of the reasons you should come in.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Our office is a genuinely awesome place. We have a bright atmosphere and great people, but best of all, you can make of it what you want. Suggest music for the soundtrack to your appointment. Pick out your favorite snack. Choose what you want to play on our game systems.

You heard that right, too. Game systems. iPads. Music. Wifi. Food. Everything you could possibly need for a good time.

Did You Know…

…that NASA technology could be sitting right there in your own mouth? It’s true. A lot of what we use every day was either invented in or improved by the space program.

One example is nitinol wire, a kind of metal alloy that actually regains its shape after being bent. This memory metal is used in tires for space rovers, but it can also be used in orthodontic braces.

Think about that, for a sec. Pretty cool, right?

Check out more about NASA tech here.

Or head on over to our page where we talk more about memory wire, here: