Myofunctional Treatment in Orthodontics

The word Myofunctional refers to the muscle function around the face and mouth. It covers everything from the way your tongue sits inside your mouth, to the alignment of your teeth when they close.

You may be wondering why Hi 5 cares about things that aren’t teeth. Well, alignment is the name of the whole game for orthodontists. Everything in your face interacts with every other thing in fascinating—but often complicated—patterns. If your jaw and muscles are adjusted all wrong, then the alignment and health of your teeth can end up as collateral damage.

We don’t just focus on teeth because they’re only one part of a much bigger puzzle. Sometimes we need to take a look at your entire facial structure just to understand why things do what they do.

Tongue Ties

Tongue ties are a phenomenon that has been around for a long time. Unfortunately, no one really knew much about them until recently. In fact, diagnosis for tongue ties has gone up a TON just in the last few years.

Have you ever wondered about that little bit of tissue underneath your tongue? The one that connects it to the bottom of your mouth? That’s called the frenum. A tongue tie happens when the frenum is too thick or too short. It stops you from being able to move your tongue around as much as you should.

This might not seem like that big a deal, but remember what we said about how everything in your face interacts? The tongue affects quite a lot, including the way you swallow and where your teeth feel the most pressure.

Getting treatment for a tongue tie can dramatically improve both of those things. In turn, proper swallowing and pressure can improve your teeth and jaw alignment. Your teeth alignment can improve your bite. Your jaw alignment can improve your sleep. And the list goes on.

It’s all a web of amazing interconnections. A web that we can help you with, here at Hi 5 Orthodontics.

Tongue Thrust

Tongue thrust is what we call the pressure that your tongue puts on your teeth. If your tongue rests at an odd angle or pushes against your teeth when you swallow or speak, it can gradually cause a lot of misalignment troubles for you.

If we fix the teeth but not the tongue, we won’t have really solved the problem, and that’s not at all what Hi 5 is about. When you come to us, we guarantee quality and thoroughness in everything we do.

If you have questions about tongue ties, tongue thrust, or anything else regarding myofunctional treatment, drop us a line!