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Meet The Team

We have a wonderful, dedicated, kind, fantastic, smart, and happy team that wants to take care of you. Here’s a little more about each of us! (Hover over each picture to see our alter egos)


Andrea: Records Tech

Professional background: I have worked in the orthodontic field for 8 years.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love being able to meet our new patients, capture photos through their journey and getting to see their smiling faces at the end.

Personal: I love camping and spending time with the family.

Diann: Practice Administrator, Treatment Coordinator

Professional Background: 20 years office and sales management and office administration.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I was hired in 2006. I love working for Hi 5 Ortho, it is so easy to represent someone I fully respect for his integrity, work ethic and orthodontic knowledge and skill. I love to be a part of our patient’s positive experience here, especially on braces off day! We have THE BEST ortho team you’ll find anywhere, these ladies are amazing.

Personal: Married over 20 years and have 2 high school age boys. Love to sing, cook, garden, read and camp.


Kelcee: Clinical Assistant

Professional Background: I became a Dental Assistant in 2016, after a quick jaunt in general dentistry I decided my heart was truly in Orthodontics. I love everything about the movement of teeth, I find the anatomy of the mouth so fascinating and really captivating! This is the next best thing to being an actual Orthodontist!

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love being a part of the family here at Hi-5. All in all I love the atmosphere and vision of this company, Dr. Williams is fun to work for and I cherish the lifelong friends I have made with my team.

Personal: Meatloaf Monday. Taco Tuesday. Waffle Wednesday. Three-cheese dip Thursday. Fried Chicken Friday. Sloppy Joe Saturday. Smoothie Sunday.

Kenna: Clinical Assistant

Professional Background: Graduated Dental Assisting Program in 2016, began my Ortho experience here at Hi-5 during my externship and LOVED it! I look forward to continuing my career here at Hi-5 for many years.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love watching the transformation of our patients smile during their treatment, and their excitement at the end! I really enjoy the team I work with, the leadership here has vast experience, they are so welcoming and helpful. Doctor Williams is very caring towards the community and has a big heart for what he does. I’m so blessed to be a part of a wondrous dynamic team.

Personal: I love spending time with my family at home, we are huge movie buffs! During the Summer we enjoy going to the lake on the boat and taking hikes around Spokane. Baking, reading, and shopping are my top favorite three things to do during my personal time.


Tiana: Clinical Assistant

Professional Background: My whole working career has been in the customer service industry. From being a sandwich artist at subway, to a cashier at a grocery store, all the way to being a flight attendant! Working with people everyday is definitely where my heart is and I couldn’t imagine having a job where I don’t.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love my coworkers and Dr. Williams! When I first got hired they all welcomed me into their “work family” right away. I didn’t come from a dental background and they have all been such patient and thorough teachers. I honestly couldn’t have asked for any better. We have so much fun at work everyday, it feels more like coming to hang out with my friends rather than work.

Personal: I have had the pleasure of being married to my best friend for two years now. We love to travel and dream of traveling lots more in the future! I love doing anything outside whether it be hanging by the lake or ocean, going on a hike or even just sitting by a fire enjoying a s’more and having hot chocolate.

Rachel: Clinical Manager

Professional Background: I have been in the dental/orthodontic field since 2003.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: The fun atmosphere….being able to work with people that truly love their job and the best patients in the world make it a great place to be!

Personal: I love being outside! Doesn’t matter whether its hiking, fishing, hunting, camping,gardening or sitting on a beach….if I am outside and surrounded by my family, I am as happy as can be!


Teri: Financial Coordinator

Professional Background: Over 26 years in orthodontics. After 22 years of marketing and business management I moved into the position of Treatment Coordinator.

What I like best about working for Hi 5 Orthodontics: I get to be part of the changes that happen from the exam to when the braces come off. There is this wonderful transformation and the change in self esteem is exciting. It is the best field to be in and I love the people I work with.

Personal: I raised 2 kids. I have a great love of animals and have several rescue “fur kids”. I love making jewelry and handmade cards.

Joanie: Lab

Professional Background: Hello Everyone! I have been in Orthodontic Lab Assistant / Dental Assistant for 15 years total and so very much enjoy working in this field and love the attention to detail and fine tuning that goes into making beautiful teeth come together in every aspect that in takes as a whole.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: Working at Hi5 Orthodontics has been a totally positive experience for me and every day I am thankful that we get to make our patients happy as possible with a very successful outcome after treatment. I am so very happy to be a part of this Orthodontic Family of greatness !!

Personal: My husband and I have a 20 yr. old daughter and a 26 yr. old son that we most proud of the most in our lives. I have lived in Spokane my whole life so I am a Spokanite through & through! So we really enjoy the winters more than the summers, I know..we are those people most do not like but we snowmobile, ski, snowshoe and play alot in the snow. I like to go camping in the summer in our Travel trailer and relax on the dock and mountain bike. I also have volunteered for the Parks and Rec. for 15 yrs. and teach skiing and enjoy that the most!

Brandi: Clinical Assistant

Professional Background: I have only been with Hi 5 for a few months but have an extensive customer service background including stay-at-home mom for 10 years.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love working with people who love what they do, puts family first, and enjoys being all together.

Personal: My husband and I have been married for almost 19 years and have 3 amazing kiddos ages 13, 12, and 9. I enjoy doing anything that involves being with my family, going to the gym with my husband and coffee dates with friends.

Brielle: Clinical Assistant

Professional Background: I have been working at Hi 5 Orthodontics since April 2017 and am currently working to get into the Dental Hygiene program at Eastern Washington University.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love being around all the girls and Dr. Williams, everyone is overly kind and helpful. Watching the patients come in and transform over the years with their new smiles is a very exciting and satisfying experience.

Personal: I grew up in the country and love the outdoors. I like riding my dirt bike, snowboarding, archery hunting and being on the lake/river during the summer. I am very family oriented so I tend to do everything with them, whether it’s in the mountains or on the ski slopes!

Alexandria “Alex”: Clinical Assistant

Professional Background: Having braces as a kid made me become fascinated with Orthodontics; at a young age I turned that passion into a career goal. I have been working as a Dental Assistant for over three years now and I am very excited to be part of this amazing team.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: Everyone at Hi 5 carries a very positive energy. All of the staff members make smiles contagious and it is a lot of fun seeing our patients grow into unique individuals throughout their journey here at Hi 5 Orthodontics.

Personal: I was raised loving the outdoors; rain or shine! As a hobby I have developed a green thumb and I am an animal lover to the core. I have two dogs that keep me very active in the summer time. Playing a lot of sports as a kid helped me develop a team player attitude that I value and hope to inspire others with.

Kayleigh: Front Desk

Professional Background: 14+ years of customer service and administrative assistant work as well as an entrepreneur and small business owner.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: Work doesn’t feel like a job when you enjoy it! I not only enjoy our patients, but also enjoy the work environment and those who work alongside me! I bounce back and forth between the clinic and the front desk.

Personal: My husband and I have 3 crazy beautiful girls. We stay busy chasing them around with their soccer, theater, volleyball, and dance! Our family enjoys serving in our church and anything fitness related. #HardestyPartyofFive

Emily: Treatment Coordinator

Professional Background: I worked in a chiropractic office for about 5 years, and developed relationships with a number of patients. It felt good to help and connect with people. From there, I moved on to the nanny life! I spent about 6 years with a few really awesome families that I am still in contact with.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: The thing I love most about working at Hi-5 is the way everyone interacts with each other. Everyone is supportive of each other and always happy to help you. We are there for our patients 100%, and for each other as well.

Personal: I grew up in the greater Seattle area, and still have most of my family living in that area. I met my husband in middle school, but we didn’t actually connect until our early 20’s. We have been together ever since. We moved from Seattle to Portland and now on to our Spokane adventure!

Kim: Clinical Assistant

Professional Background: Went to Newtech Skills Center for the Dental assistant program during my senior year of high school. I worked as a dental assistant for Dr. Earl Ness for 3 years and joined the Hi 5 team in 2018.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love the team I work with and how welcoming they have been with not just me but anyone else who joins the team! I also love all our patients and how much fun we have with them!

Personal: I was born in Riverside, CA and moved to Spokane in 2006. I have 3 dogs (but they’re practically my kids) named Lola, Luna and Koya, and a cat named Kiro. I enjoy traveling, swimming, paddle boarding and long boarding. I love listening to all kinds of music. I’m passionate about photography and I love learning new languages. Currently, I’m learning Mandarin Chinese.

Amy: Clinical Assistant

Professional Background: I graduated in 2014 from Lane Community College in the Dental Assisting program after a few years at the University of Oregon. I worked in a small general office in Oregon for one year before I started my ortho career here at Hi-5!

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: From the day I stepped foot into Hi-5, I was welcomed with open arms. I came in for an interview and was so intrigued with the atmosphere and exceptional patient care, I thought it was too good to be true. Dr. Williams and everyone on this team are such a wonderful work family to be a part of. Coming to work is one big party and our patients are the center of it all!

Personal: My hometown is Eugene, Oregon (track town USA!), and here I am seeing what Spokane has in store for me! I moved here summer of ‘18 with my high school sweetheart of a husband, so he can continue his DPT degree at Eastern Washington University. I am a very family oriented, so any time spent with my husband, mom, dad, and sister are the best days. When I am not with family or friends I’m at the gym embracing my track town roots or cooking in my sanctuary I call my kitchen.

Cindy: Clinical Assistant

Professional Background: I’ve worked in food most of my life, from that I’ve learned that I love the customer service aspect of it all. I love working with people and making them laugh. I guess when you some it all up people are my profession!

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love, LOVE the environment and the fact that I can just be myself. Everyday is a adventure in the uttermost way.

Personal: 3 of my most favorite things are Old Coins, Food, and Music. (Besides the obvious family,friends,life)

Brandy C: Front Desk

Professional Background: While I have only been at Hi 5 for a little while I have been rocking the front desk for the past 12 plus years.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I get to be surrounded by smiles all day long and it really does not get any better than that! I love that I belong to a team that makes “happy” the goal of every day and that is contagious.

Personal: I am the proud mama of two daughters and feel lucky to have found love the second time around and have been blessed with two bonus girls. I love sunflowers, old country music, and wide open spaces. I don’t think there is anything better than a sunrise/sunset and you will often find me taking pictures of all the things that make my heart smile.

Mitch: Front Desk

Professional Background: I began working with Hi5 in August 2018. Before my time here, I spent three and a half years coaching football (2014-2018).

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: What I enjoy most about working at Hi5 is the emphasis we place on serving our patients and creating a unique orthodontic experience. It’s fun to work with people who are always looking to share their smile.

Personal: My wife and I have been married 5 years. We have three kids, two dogs, and have lived in Spokane for close to 3 years. We’ve fallen in love with Spokane, taking advantage of the skiing, hiking, & small-town/big city feel!

Sydney: Clinical Assistant

Professional Background: I took a couple of college courses and before working here I graduated from high school.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: The cheerful funny team of people I have the pleasure of working with and the fun patients that we have everyday. Everyday is a great day!

Personal: I’m a part of a family of 5 and have 3 dogs and a cat that are my life. I am an artist and I like to read, paddle board and snowboard. I also love to learn new languages and I am learning Chinese and Korean apart from knowing Spanish and English.

Whitney: Clinical Assistant

Professional Background: I just started working at Hi 5 in August of 2018. I attended Wenatchee Valley College from 2016-2018. I am currently enrolled in Eastern Washington University, where I am majoring in Exercise Science in hopes of becoming a Physical Therapist!

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love the environment and the fun, caring people I get to work with. HI 5 has such a positive atmosphere, which makes working here a blast! Seeing and helping the patients along their journey is such a satisfying experience!

Personal: I love going to the lake, hiking and spending time outside! I enjoy spending time with friends and family every chance I get since I’m far away from home as I attend Eastern Washington University. My family and I have a three legged cat named Trey and I hope to adopt a kitten of my own soon.

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