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Meet The Team

We have a kind, smart, and happy team that wants to take care of you. Here’s a little more about each of us! (Hover over each picture to see our alter egos)

Abby: Scheduling

Professional Background: I grew up working on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. When I graduated high school, I moved to Seacost, New Hampshire to be a nanny. I have been a full-time nanny for the past three years for a few different families. Besides being full-time, I also work part-time as a jewelry consultant. This is my first foray in the orthodontic field. It has been so exciting and challenging thus far and I can’t wait to learn and grow more.
What I Like Best About Working At HI 5 Orthodontics: I love that every day is a new adventure here. There is always a new hurdle to be overcome and new ways to grow. And the adventure here wouldn’t be that much fun without all the awesome people that I get to work with. They are some of the most encouraging and optimistic people I have ever met and their great attitudes (and smiles!) are infectious! =D
Personal: I have lived in three states so far, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and now the beautiful state of Washington. Traveling is my favorite thing to do and I can’t wait to see where life takes me next! A few of my biggest blessings are my many nieces and nephews, my amazing boyfriend, and my faith and walk with God. I have one kitty named Trooper that traveled with me here from WI and a pet cow named Pumpkin back home!

Alexandria “Alex”: Clinical

Professional Background: Having braces as a kid made me become fascinated with Orthodontics; at a young age I turned that passion into a career goal. I have been working as a Dental Assistant for over three years now and I am very excited to be part of this amazing team.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: Everyone at Hi 5 carries a very positive energy. All of the staff members make smiles contagious and it is a lot of fun seeing our patients grow into unique individuals throughout their journey here at Hi 5 Orthodontics.

Personal: I was raised loving the outdoors; rain or shine! As a hobby, I have developed a green thumb, and I am an animal lover to the core. I have two dogs that keep me very active in the summertime. Playing a lot of sports as a kid helped me develop a team player attitude that I value and hope to inspire others with.

Amy: Clinical

Professional Background: I graduated in 2014 from Lane Community College in the Dental Assisting program after a few years at the University of Oregon. I worked in a small general office in Oregon for one year before I started my ortho career here at Hi 5!

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: From the day I stepped foot into Hi 5, I was welcomed with open arms. I came in for an interview and was so intrigued with the atmosphere and exceptional patient care, I thought it was too good to be true. Dr. Williams and everyone on this team are such a wonderful work family to be a part of. Coming to work is one big party and our patients are the center of it all!

Personal: My hometown is Eugene, Oregon (track town USA!), and here I am seeing what Spokane has in store for me! I moved here summer of ‘18 with my high school sweetheart of a husband, so he can continue his DPT degree at Eastern Washington University. I am a very family-oriented, so any time spent with my husband, mom, dad, and sister are the best days. When I am not with family or friends I’m at the gym embracing my track town roots or cooking in my sanctuary I call my kitchen.


Andrea: Records

Professional background: I have worked in the orthodontic field for 12 years.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love being able to meet our new patients, capture photos through their journey and getting to see their smiling faces at the end.

Personal: I love camping and spending time with the family.

Brandy: Scheduling

Professional Background: While I have only been at Hi 5 for a little while I have been rocking the front desk for the past 12 plus years.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I get to be surrounded by smiles all day long and it really does not get any better than that! I love that I belong to a team that makes “happy” the goal of every day, and that is contagious.

Personal: I am the proud mama of two daughters and feel lucky to have found love the second time around and have been blessed with two bonus girls. I love sunflowers, old country music, and wide-open spaces. I don’t think there is anything better than a sunrise/sunset and you will often find me taking pictures of all the things that make my heart smile.

Brielle: Clinical

Professional Background: I have been working at Hi 5 Orthodontics since April 2017 and am currently working to get into the Dental Hygiene program at Eastern Washington University.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love being around all the girls and Dr. Williams, everyone is overly kind and helpful. Watching the patients come in and transform over the years with their new smiles is a very exciting and satisfying experience.

Personal: I grew up in the country and love the outdoors. I like riding my dirt bike, snowboarding, archery, hunting and being on the water during the summer. I am very family oriented so I tend to do everything with them, whether it’s in the mountains or on the ski slopes!

Bryan: Lab Technician

Professional Background: Before joining Hi 5, I had a variety of work background from restaurants to construction. I began working as a community outreach and events team member. When there was an opening to be with the team full time, and be a part of the patient process, I jumped at the chance.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love the positive vibes here at Hi 5. The team is amazing, everyone is so nice and very helpful. I’m constantly learning something new. Also, working in the lab is very fun and the time goes by so fast.

Personal: I like long walks on the beach and looking at the stars, also I love making playlists! I love to spend time with my family and friends. I’m an older brother of two sisters. I like to do numerous activities like playing sports, listening to music and take naps whenever I get the chance. I love to travel and I’m planning on doing it some more.

Cindy: Scheduling

Professional Background: I’ve worked in food most of my life, from that I’ve learned that I love the customer service aspect of it all. I love working with people and making them laugh. I guess when you sum it all up people are my profession!

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love, LOVE the environment and the fact that I can just be myself. Every day is an adventure in the uttermost way.

Personal:Three of my most favorite things are old coins, food, and music (besides the obvious family, friends, and life).

Diana: Clinical

Professional Background: I have been in customer service for about four years now. Retail, call center representative and also have been babysitting my siblings ever since they were little and of course watched over other little ones! On a side note, I also am a nail technician, and have been licensed in Idaho in 2014.
What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: Everyone, when you come in the front doors, Brandy or Cindy will greet you with a smile. Go to the clinic and you will feel like family, parents interacting with others and engaged in their kids treatment. Overall everyone is a team player and am blessed to be with my Hi 5 Family ❤️
Personal: I have 5 dogs total! Loki, Stella, Milo, Ivy, and Shadow. They are a handful but loving and crazy dogs. Two of my favorite animals are a Panda & Llama. Fun Fact: Pandas are lazy, eating and sleeping all day long but are great swimmers and climbers. 

Diann: Treatment Coordinator

Professional Background: I have 24 years of office and sales management background and am in my 14th year working in orthodontics. I’m convinced there aren’t many other fields as awesome as this.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love working for Hi 5 Ortho and Dr. Williams. It is so easy to represent someone I fully respect for his integrity, work ethic and orthodontic knowledge and skill. I love to be a part of our patient’s positive experiences here. We have THE BEST ortho team you’ll find anywhere, this group of people is truly amazing.

Personal: I have been married over 23 years. We have one son who is serving in the U.S. Army and another son who will be a senior this year ’19. I love to garden, cook, read, camp and spend time with family.

Emily: Treatment Coordinator

Professional Background: I worked in a chiropractic office for about five years, and developed relationships with a number of patients. It felt good to help and connect with people. From there, I moved on to the nanny life! I spent about six years with a few really awesome families that I am still in contact with.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: The thing I love most about working at Hi 5 is the way everyone interacts with each other. Everyone is supportive of each other and always happy to help you. We are there for our patients 100%, and for each other as well.

Personal: I grew up in the greater Seattle area, and still have most of my family living in that area. I met my husband in middle school, but we didn’t actually connect until our early 20’s. We have been together ever since. We moved from Seattle to Portland and now on to our Spokane adventure!

Jen: Marketing

Professional Background: Before joining Hi 5 Orthodontics, I was very fortunate to get to spend the last 20 + years in the restaurant industry working along side my family in our three restaurants here in Spokane, I started way back in high school as a busser and dishwasher, and ultimately learned and worked in every position we had to offer! My two favorite aspects of the restaurants included getting to know our guests​ and being involved with them in our community, and getting to work with and mentor some amazing staff over the years!

What I like best about working at Hi 5: Hands down the best thing (so far!) is working with this amazing team! There is not one day that goes by that I don’t learn something new from any one of our team members, and everyone is incredibly generous with their sharing of experience and knowledge! It is an amazing thing to come to work every day and experience so much camaraderie. I feel very lucky to be a part of this team!

Personal: I have been married to my husband Dan for almost 12 years and am a proud Smom (step-mom) to my two boys, Zach (20) and Evan (16)! With our newfound work schedule, we are getting to enjoy a little more of the outdoors and look forward to camping, taking the boat on the lake, kayaking and ​hopefully making the most out of the winter months with some skiing or snowboarding! We have three fur-babies, Ivan the Great Pyranese, Lilly the Miniature Schnauzer, and Jake the Coton de Tulear who pretty much ​run the household! I enjoy spending time with my friends and family​, I am a proud and self-proclaimed book nerd ​who enjoy​s crafting, and I am a DIE-HARD WSU Coug fan! GO COUGS!!!!

Kelcee: Clinical

Professional Background: I became a Dental Assistant in 2016, after a quick jaunt in general dentistry I decided my heart was truly in Orthodontics. I love everything about the movement of teeth, I find the anatomy of the mouth so fascinating and really captivating! This is the next best thing to being an actual Orthodontist!

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love being a part of the family here at Hi 5. I love the atmosphere and vision of this company. Dr. Williams is fun to work for and I cherish the lifelong friends I have made with my team.

Personal: Meatloaf Monday. Taco Tuesday. Waffle Wednesday. Three-cheese dip Thursday. Fried Chicken Friday. Sloppy Joe Saturday. Smoothie Sunday.

Kim: Clinical

Professional Background: Went to Newtech Skills Center for the Dental assistant program during my senior year of high school. I worked as a dental assistant for Dr. Earl Ness for three years and joined the Hi 5 team in 2018.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love the team I work with and how welcoming they have been with not just me but anyone else who joins the team! I also love all our patients and how much fun we have with them!

Personal: I was born in Riverside, CA and moved to Spokane in 2006. I have three dogs (but they’re practically my kids) named Lola, Luna and Koya, and a cat named Kiro. I enjoy traveling, swimming, paddle boarding and longboarding. I love listening to all kinds of music. I’m passionate about photography and I love learning new languages. Currently, I’m learning Mandarin Chinese.

Maya: Community Engagement

Professional Background: Recently graduated high school. I spent four years as a part-time nanny for three children. I also helped with a little bit of construction during the summers.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I can’t pick what I like best about working at Hi 5 because there are too many. Everybody is not just nice, they genuinely care about you! I love the environment there and how hard everybody works. They make you feel not just like an employee but like family!

Personal: I’m the youngest out of three siblings! I enjoy spending time with my family and going out with my friends to movies, coffee dates, and brunches. Love to go swimming whenever I can also love to listen to all kinds of music.

Mercedes: Clinical

Professional Background: I have been working in orthodontics since 2015! I really enjoyed my experience while having braces as a kid, so decided I would learn about orthodontics and become a dental assistant.
What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: Everyone is always so happy and wanting to be the best person they can be. There’s never a dull moment around the office, (we even scare doctor some times). We try to be the most uplifting and best part of your day and I love it.
Personal: I come from a very large family, so family is the most important thing to me. My brother Robert is my bestest friend in the whole world, people think we’re twins but I’m older. I love spending time with my pup Milo and being outdoors. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, (I like to be bundled up in hoodies). Always down for new food and traveling to new places!

Michelle: Records and Clinical

Professional Background: Studied at Carrington College for dental assisting in 2018.
What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I have only been at Hi 5 for a few months but I was welcomed like family the second I stepped foot in the door. Seeing the progression in not just the patients teeth, but the patients themselves, makes this job so rewarding! People come in saying they hate to smile, and by the end of their treatment they can’t STOP smiling!! I love working for Hi 5 and the amazing, uplifting, and fun environment I get to be a part of!

Personal: I am a mom to three kiddos and a step-son whom I consider mine. I love summertime, being outdoors with my kiddos, and Franz chocolate-glazed DONUTS. 😍

Rachel: Office Lead

Professional Background: I have been in the dental/orthodontic field since 2003.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love the fun atmosphere! And I love being able to work with people that truly love their job and the best patients in the world make it a great place to be!

Personal: I love being outside! Doesn’t matter whether it’s hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, gardening or sitting on a beach….if I am outside and surrounded by my family, I am as happy as can be!

Sidney: Clinical

Professional Background: I took a couple of college courses and before working here I graduated from high school.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: The cheerful funny team of people I have the pleasure of working with and the fun patients that we have every day. Every day is a great day!

Personal: I’m a part of a family of five and have three dogs and a cat that are my life. I am an artist and I like to read, paddle board and snowboard. I also love to learn new languages and I am learning Chinese and Korean apart from knowing Spanish and English.

Sophia: Community Engagement, Scheduling

Professional Background: Before my time at Hi 5, I worked as a Life Guard and Swim Instructor for about 1.5 years (2015-2016) then I changed my scenery and have been working at Old Navy (2017-Present)!

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I LOVE my Hi 5 family! It is a wonderful feeling to come to work with people you love and enjoy! I mostly work outside the office and seeing our patients at events is such a blast! I love being able to interact with everyone. Being in a place where we make smiles more confident is the best place to be!

Personal: I love taking long walks to the fridge and pantry, the beach makes me as happy as a clam, baking is a sweet reward, and all my puns are intended.

Teri: Financial

Professional Background: I have spent over 26 years in orthodontics. After 22 years of marketing and business management I moved into the position of Treatment Coordinator.

What I like best about working for Hi 5 Orthodontics: I get to be part of the changes that happen from the exam to when the braces come off. There is this wonderful transformation and the change in self-esteem is exciting. It is the best field to be in and I love the people I work with.

Personal: I raised 2 kids. I have a great love of animals and have several rescue “fur kids”. I love making jewelry and handmade cards.


Tiana: Growth and Guidance Coordinator

Professional Background: My whole working career has been in the customer service industry. From being a sandwich artist at Subway, to a cashier at a grocery store, all the way to being a flight attendant! Working with people everyday is definitely where my heart is and I couldn’t imagine having a job where I don’t.

What I like best about working at Hi 5 Orthodontics: I love my coworkers and Dr. Williams! When I first got hired they all welcomed me into their “work family” right away. I didn’t come from a dental background and they have all been such patient and thorough teachers. I honestly couldn’t have asked for any better. We have so much fun at work every day, it feels more like coming to hang out with my friends rather than work.

Personal: I have had the pleasure of being married to my best friend for two years now. We love to travel and dream of traveling lots more in the future! I love doing anything outside whether it be hanging by the lake or ocean, going on a hike or even just sitting by a fire enjoying a s’more and having hot chocolate.


Professional Background: Prior to moving to the U.S., I worked as spokesperson for the ATM foundation; a foundation aimed at lowering the incidence of unwanted and teen pregnancies, and STD’s for the Dutch Caribbean. During this period of time, I moved into a more corporate position at Xerox, where I was part of the logistics team, while maintaining a part time position at the ATM foundation. After I graduated in 2015, I moved back into the medical field, where I worked as a full-time Paraoptometric. I’m currently earning my MBA through Whitworth University, with the hopes of continuing in the healthcare industry.

What I like best about working for Hi 5 Orthodontics: The commitment to have a positive impact in the Spokane community through healthy, confident smiles!

Personal: I am married to the most beautiful girl in the world, have two kiddos, and one dog! When I’m not studying, you’ll catch me spending time with my family (we love to play games!), reading great books, or working out.

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