Hi 5 Bonus Features

Our practice is a whole lot more than straightening teeth. We make every dental visit fun! Not just figuratively, either. You really will have a blast while you’re here. In fact, we’re equipped with so many amenities, you’ll want to come in when you don’t even have an appointment.

We all scream for ice cream!

I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for ice cream! Yes, you read that right: we have a soft serve ice cream machine in our office, and a special flavor each month. We’ve tried everything from traditional chocolate to holiday peppermint. Best of all, it’s totally free! Head on over to the ice cream page to learn more about it.

(Yup. We even have a whole page dedicated to ice cream!)


Give a HIFI – VE, we have WIFI. Stay connected with our assistants and receptionist on today’s and next time’s appointment. And stay connected on your phone using our complimentary WIFI. The password should be posted up front or you can ask one of the receptionists if you cannot find the wifi code.

The Reception Room

We have a “reception room” but it might as well be called a “totally fun, awesome, exciting room.” We have a gaming station, ipads, and photobooth to name just a few. . . Magazines are fine, but entertainment systems are better. That’s exactly what you’ll get in our reception room. We have game systems, iPads, and videos. Get up and stretch those legs in our very own photo booth! It’s our job to take care of you, and not just your teeth. So, you could spend the time waiting around, or you could enjoy some time out for yourself. Why not live it up a little?

Did You Hear About the Restaurant on Mars?

It had pretty good food, but there was no atmosphere.

Unlike our office, which has incredible atmosphere. If it wasn’t obvious by that intro, we are always ready for a joke and a good round of applause. Everything we do is a celebration of you. We’re convinced that you’re pretty great, whether you’re wearing a particularly cool shirt, crack a groaner of a pun, or simply show up for your appointment even though you didn’t feel up to it. Go You!

Don’t hesitate to visit our office for all of your orthodontic needs. We’ve got you taken care of for every step of the process.