Dental Tech

The dental industry is full of all sorts of amazing technology, from lasers to computer-guided anesthesia application, and CEREC machines to long-lasting dental implants.

Orthodontia is no exception. Here at Hi 5, we’re pretty excited to tell you all about some of the cool stuff we’ve got here, and how it’ll make your life better.

3D X-rays

Hi 5's 3-D Imaging 2D vs 3DX-rays have been around for a LOOOONG time. So long that they don’t seem as amazing as they once did. Like cars and computers, we’re pretty used to them by now. But what if I told you that digital technology has even made x-rays cool again?

It’s true. Once upon a time, x-rays were captured on film and sent to a photo lab for developing. If they were blurred or over-exposed or lost in the vast filing system of paper medical charts… well, too bad.

With digital x-rays, we not only get the image instantly on the computer monitor, but we can zoom in on it, store it easily, and send it anywhere it needs sent. No waiting. No hassle. No chance of getting lost.

And that’s not all. We have 3D imaging equipment that allows us to send an actual scale model of your jaw structures to the computer. It can be turned, zoomed in, zoomed out, and adjusted with CAD software. With all of this power at our fingertips, we can create perfectly fitting brace brackets, Invisalign aligners, or apnea mouthguards.

Digital Scanners

iTero Digital Impressions for Invisalign and Invisalign Teen at Hi 5 Orthodontics in Spokane WAX-rays aren’t the only things that benefit from the shift to digital. We have high-definition cameras that can scan the insides of your mouth, allowing us to get closer and better looks at everything than we ever could with our eyes alone.

With these up close and personal images, dentists are better able to find cavities, detect cancer, and check their restoration work. At Hi 5 Orthodontics, we use this information to do much the same. We can detect problems with tooth or jaw alignment and address needs that are specific to you so that your treatment is done right the first time around.

VPro Accelerator

Orthodontia is more comfortable, easier to access, and faster than ever before. That is partially due to the VPro accelerator, which is a device that helps aligners fit better and adjust more effectively.

With equipment like this, we are able to do more for you, and do it better. If you have any questions about these or other pieces of technology, don’t hesitate to give us a call.