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At Hi 5 Orthodontics, we recognize the need for vision and direction. We have therefore created a set of standards that will drive our actions toward excellence:

Mission Statement (Why):

We want to make you happy!

Vision Statement (How):

Hi 5 Orthodontics is in the happiness business.

Straightening teeth is our job, but making others Happy is our livelihood. We understand that a healthy smile is more than straight teeth; it is feeling great enough to #shareyoursmile. So we work to be the highlight of our patient’s day and make them feel like and here’s how we strive to do just that:

  • We want you to feel like as we embrace you as part of our office FAMILY
  • We want you to feel like by empowering YOU with education and custom treatment options
  • We want you to feel like by empowering our TEAM to cater to you and enhance your experience
  • We want you to feel like by using the latest TECHNOLOGY for accurate & efficient results
  • We want you to feel like as we have FUN together in our vibrant, upbeat office
  • We want you to feel like as we find ways to SERVE and give back to the community

5 Core Values


In how to conduct business and in how we work with others. Be honest and trustworthy and demonstrate integrity to the whole, offering a unified, teamwork approach of solidarity and respect.


We are passionate about making people happy. It is Why we do what we do. And a smile is the outward expression of that happiness within. We will do whatever we can to make those around us happier by their association with us.


Invest yourself to the success of the whole. Take ownership in the success of our office by contributing your time, talents, and efforts. Find ways to improve in every way. Don’t be afraid to fail as individual failures will be enveloped by the success of the whole.

Humble Service

Be approachable, teachable, and seek ways to improve and help others improve. Be flexible with how things are done and help others through those changes. Do little acts of kindness for others and find a way to make someone else’s life better from your efforts.


Balance all your life commitments to enjoy a healthier, happier you. Make time for things that matter most and respect the life commitments of others.

S Stay true to your ideals & maintain your INTEGRITY

M Make others HAPPY by demonstrating true happiness yourself

I INVEST yourself to the success of the whole

L Lose your selfish pride in HUMBLE SERVICE

E Enjoy a BALANCED life

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