Let’s face it, braces aren’t for everyone. But everyone deserves a great smile. So for those who still want a great smile but don’t want braces, we have Invisalign® options here for you. Most people qualify for Invisalign® solutions and Dr. Williams is one of the Premiere providers of Invisalign® in Eastern Washington. He’s done cases of all types with great success. All it takes on your part is the Will and Want to make your teeth straight and we’ll help you with the rest.


Dr. Williams will begin by going over your case and determining exactly which movements need to take place to get you the smile you deserve. When we move teeth with Invisalign it’s the same biomechanics as with braces – just using pressure from Invisible/clear trays that you wear around teeth rather than braces that adhere to the teeth. The first step is to scan your teeth with our super accurate Digital Scanners.

After that, Dr. Williams works in the virtual world to move your teeth like he would with braces. He can prescribe all sorts of movements, corrections and changes with the tools offered through Invisalign® and other providers of clear trays.

When this is complete, Dr. Williams will submit your case to Invisalign® to print the trays. It’s a pretty neat process and the trays have some really cool technology to make the plastic clear, comfortable, strong, and efficient for your needs. Typically you’ll wear a new tray every week which helps keep them clean and moves your teeth right along. Some people need to wear a little shorter or longer than a week but Dr. Williams will prescribe the best option for your particular case.

It’s about time to get the smile you want. Come on in and learn more!