For the Smile of a Lifetime

A healthy perfect smile is why many children and adults choose to undergo #orthodontic treatment. Around friends and family, a less than attractive smile is not as noticeable. However, when meeting new people, making new friends, and in the workplace, your smile is more obvious to those who don’t know you. When speaking one on […]

Sensitive Teeth – The Root of the Matter

Different Layers of teeth

Are you experiencing tooth sensitivity? Hot or cold temperatures, sweet or sour foods and drinks, and deep cavities or fillings often trigger this problem. Sensitivity is a common dilemma and an estimated 45 million Americans are victims! If you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, sensitivity is also not at all uncommon. Sensitive teeth normally occurs when […]

Dairy and Teeth

Dairy Products are healthy for teeth

As kids we all remember hearing our parents or grandparents remind us that dairy products help build strong bones and teeth. But did you also know that milk and dairy products in general help can assist in improving your oral health and lowering your risk for gum disease? A Winning Combination: Nutrition and Dental Health […]

Splints Are For More Than Broken Bones….

Clenching and grinding of teeth

Dental or Orthodontic Splints are devices that are used when patients suffer from certain types of dental problems. These problems include TMJ or TemporoMandibular Joint disorder, common snoring, sleep apnea, and teeth grinding (bruxism). In orthodontics, a “splint” is designed to fit on top of the upper or lower teeth. Treatment varies based on each […]

Faith Hill Proudly Displays Her Braces

Faith Hill Wearing Braces

Faith Hill proudly displayed her new smile with ceramic braces at the 2013 Grammy Awards. They weren’t noticeable on TV but the photographers were able to clearly capture her tooth colored braces that she has been wearing for about seven months. She first mentioned the fact she was undergoing orthodontic treatment in Nov 2012 in […]