Did you know that orthodontics has been around for millenia? Archaeologists have actually found teeth wrapped up in metal bands, catgut, and even gold wires, in an attempt to keep them straight. This goes all the way back to Egyptian mummies!

We’re a little bit luckier, in these modern days. For one thing, we have much better materials to work with. Go check out our page on Nitinol wire. It’s pretty amazing!

We also have digital technology and CAD software that allows us to fine-tune your treatment into exactly what you need. Check out our tech page for more about that.

On top of all that, you have more options than ever! There isn’t just one way to straighten teeth, and that’s great, because there’s not just one kind of person in the world, either. Here are just a few of the choices you have at Hi 5 Orthodontics:

Traditional Wire Braces

The Egyptians may have had the right idea, with their metal bands and catgut, but modern braces are a whole lot more effective, and definitely more comfortable.

Here’s how they work:

We’ll attach a small bracket to each tooth that needs some adjustment. Then we’ll connect those brackets together with wire, which pulls the teeth just a little bit in the direction they need to go.

Every once in a while, as you wear these braces, you’ll come in to get the wires adjusted. Gradually, each adjustment pulls them nearer and nearer to their final destination.

It’s just that easy!


Wire and bracket braces aren’t right for everyone. For a different experience that will get the teeth just as straight, check out Invisalign. We have this option for both teens and adults, and we have to say that it’s pretty amazing.

Instead of wearing wires, you’ll be wearing a clear aligner made from high-quality medical polymer. The aligner is shaped to perfectly fit your teeth, using some of that cool technology we mentioned earlier.

When it’s time for an adjustment, you don’t even need to come to the office. Just take out the old aligner and slip on the next in the series. Before you know it, your teeth will be ship shape.

Come Visit Us

Braces are nothing to be scared of, but if you’re still worried, come on in to our office for a consultation. We know you’ll love it here. We’ve got bright colors, games, awesome music, and ice cream. Yes, ice cream! And it’s all free.