Did Ya Know? Orthodontics has been around for millennia! Archaeologists in Egypt have actually found mummies with teeth wrapped up in metal bands, catgut, and even gold wires in an attempt to keep them straight.

2,000 years later, we’re a little bit luckier! For one thing, we have amazing materials to work with. Check out our page on Nitinol wires.

We use the latest digital technology and CAD software to fine-tune your treatment into exactly what you need. Check out our tech page for more about that.

On top of all that, you have more options than ever! There isn’t just one way to straighten teeth, and that’s great, because there’s not just one kind of person in the world, either. Lots of people do great with traditional braces. Here’s how they work:

  • We’ll attach a small bracket to each tooth that needs some adjustment.
  • Then we’ll connect those brackets together with wire, which pulls the teeth just a little bit in the direction they need to go.
  • Every once in a while, as you wear these braces, you’ll come in to get the wires adjusted.
  • Gradually, each adjustment pulls them nearer and nearer to their final destination.

It’s just that easy!

Match your Style

And you can add some Style to your Smile. You are uniquely you and sometimes the most exciting thing about braces is that you can match your colors to your personality. Check out some of these fun colors our patients love:





Whether you want a rainbow, match a friend, color-coordinate for the seasons/prom dress/even, or play it low-key there’s an option for you.

And while braces can be fun and you can match your personality or change it up each visit, we get that braces aren’t for everyone. For those of you who fit this category, you’ll probably love Invisalign®.

Come Visit Us

Braces are nothing to be scared of, but if you’re still worried, come on in to our office for a consultation. We know you’ll love it here. We’ve got bright colors, games, awesome music, and ice cream. Yes, ice cream! And it’s all free.