What We Do

Orthodontics is so AWESOME. We get to do some seriously fun and cool stuff. We can fix some of the craziest tooth puzzles there are

Here’s how we do it:


People often ask, how much school does it take to be an orthodontist? Well, after the 12 years to get your High School degree it usually takes an additional 11 years of education!

Dr. Williams studied for 4 years to get his Bachelor’s in Science at BYU – Idaho 

After that, he studied 4 more years to be a dentist at University of Iowa School of Dentistry

Beyond that, he studied nearly 3 more years to earn his Master’s of Science and Certificate of Orthodontics at University of Colorado  

He didn’t just stop there though. Even after 11 years of post-high school education to become an orthodontist Dr. Williams elected to go further and get his Master’s in Business Administration at Oklahoma State University 

And is finalizing his certification for the American Board of Orthodontics

But that’s not all, he keeps up on a lot of continuing education opportunities through a lot of study groups and professional organizations that allow him to stay sharp, informed and ready for you:

So, trust us that you are in good hands and you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else for your Orthodontic needs:

Staff Education

One of Dr. Williams’ favorite things to do is to teach his staff all the stuff that’s in his head. And our staff absorb it like a sponge. They go beyond and get Continuing Education not only from Dr. Williams but courses, online lectures and study clubs. They are super smart and love learning more every day. We are lucky to have them all! https://www.hi5ortho.com/meet-the-team/

Let’s Learn

Including in all that learning is a lot of knowledge in several key areas that you’ll want to learn about:


But we also give you a great experience. We don’t just straighten your teeth, but we do so with Pizazz. We might as well have a degree in making you smile because that what we strive to do every day! https://www.hi5ortho.com/Hi5-Difference