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We are proud to announce the addition of the Hi 5 Treat Trailer to our Orthodontic practice! The best part – we want to share it with you FREE! Our Treat Trailer is available to support our community, schools, teams, and group fundraisers. Need to raise money for your school?  Call Hi 5 Orthodontics!

We are able to bring the Hi 5 Treat Trailer to your fundraising event fully equipped with Hi 5 Orthodontics team members to run the event and all the necessary supplies for ice cream in the summer or hot cocoa, hot apple cider and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies in the cooler months! All you have to do is provide a great event – and handle any fundraising you plan to do.

Join in on the fun! We have already had a few schools host an event with our Hi 5 Treat Trailer and they have raised hundreds of dollars in just a few hours! Once again, there is no cost to your group to use the trailer and 100% of the proceeds go towards your fundraising goals.

Interested? Fill out the service request form at www.Hi5Ortho/Service with your event information and we will contact your for the arrangements!

Our Photo Booth is also available as an additional fundraising revenue! Check it out at www.Hi5Ortho/PhotoBooth

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