Hi 5 Heroes

Love 11 is a nonprofit organization interested in providing opportunities through sport scholarships for at risk and economically disadvantaged youth as well as grants to local schools and programs for equipment. We will provide children with the ability to play sports regardless of social, cultural, or economic background. We aim to provide kids the opportunity to develop fundamental life skills and a love of sports and physical activity. Our target is children who do not have access to traditional sports programs due to barriers to participate.

How can YOU be a hi 5 hero?

  • Buy a Hi 5 Heroes T-Shirt – 100% of proceeds will go directly toward Love 11. On sale in the office.
  • Patient Rewards Hub – Donate your patient rewards hub points directly to Love 11.
  • Love 11 Referral – We will make a $200 donation to Love 11 for each new treatment starts that list “Love 11” as their referral.