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The Hi 5 Difference

At Hi 5 we work hard to make your experience wonderful every time you interact with our office. We hold our own feet to the fire 🔥 by maintaining 6 very important Value propositions in our practice. These are designed to make you feel great every time you come in contact with our team – be it an office visit, phone call, our website, chat, or text, or casual encounter in the community!

Here they are:

We Want you to Feel like FAMILY.

We have our home families and then we have our work family. Most of the time we aren’t even able to distinguish between the two because we love them so much and have so much fun together. We want you to feel the same about your time in our office. Come on in, grab a seat, and tell a joke with us while we adjust your teeth! We want to hear about you comings and goings, events, and all the fun in your life and we’ll reciprocate with fun stories of our own. We especially love to celebrate about your accomplishments and achievements. Family time is important to us and we want you to feel the same appreciation and comradery when you come into our Hi 5 Home.

We want to EMPOWER you with EDUCATION and custom treatment options.

Do you know that feeling when you aced your math test? We want you to feel that same sentiment when you come into our office because we want to increase your IQ a few points just by learning how awesome and fun orthodontics can be. We’ll walk you through the process and let you know what to expect. We have an amazing team that is primed and ready to go over instructions and management of orthodontic expectations. So get ready to Dab and Do The Twist ‘cause you’re gonna be really proud of how much smarter you will be after a little edumication.

We want our team to WOW by catering to your needs.

You know how Ice Cream tastes that much better with some sprinkles or a some delicious toppings on it? We want to give you a “taste” of those extra sprinkles by going the extra mile for you. We have a ton of things that will make yours eyes pop with delight. We have a super robust Rewards program for taking care of your braces and other fun activities. We offer discounts for our local heroes like First Responders and Teachers. We have a ton of resources to make your experience in braces and your time with us more and more wonderful. And speaking of sprinkles, we have ice cream available every single day for you and your family! How cool is that? Eyes popping yet? If not, come in and see us – we’ll turn your head.

We want you Ooh and Aww over our cutting edge TECHNOLOGY.

Remember when the iPod first came out and how everyone wanted one? Dr. Williams is kind of a geek when it comes to the latest and greatest Orthodontic technology so we use the best of the best in our practice. For your convenience, we have text, chat, and reminders to keep you in touch about your next appointment. We have the latest and greatest custom treatment options from Invisalign®, to Clear Brackets, Silver, Gold, and really cool “space age wires” – also called Memory wires – to gently move your teeth as efficiently and quickly as possible. We have the most up-to-date imaging technology including 3D radiographic scans for jaws, teeth, and airway, Digital Scanners for a super accurate impression of teeth, and Accelerated orthodontic options. We will knock your socks off with all the cool tech we use to make your experience the bestest ever.

We want you to have FUN together in our vibrant, upbeat office.

Summer break was the best wasn’t it? Why? Because it was so fun! We get that you have busy lives and we don’t want coming into the orthodontist to feel like work. We want it to feel like Summer Break. Our office is not like a typical Doctor’s office. We have an ice cream machine, a photobooth with props in the reception room, video games, iPad games and more. Our team has energy to spare it seems and you’ll find us telling jokes, celebrating achievements with you, and dancing to our hopping music. Come and join us for the fun – we’ll have a blast!

We want you to feel ❤️ as we SERVE and give back.

We LOVE seeing you on appointment days, but we LOVE to see you outside of the office as well! We can’t think of a better way to spend time with you than working side by side to improve Spokane! We want to show our support by offering our time and services to the great causes you believe in! We take service (and fun) seriously. Among our neat-o offerings, you and your group can have the chance to get a little silly and #shareyoursmile with our Mobile Photo Booth, or we can fill your belly and soul with seasonal goodies from our Treat Trailer. Whether it’s just for fun or fundraising . . . we are here to support you and your cause! We also have other ways to support local charities where everyone gets involved – from staff to patients to the community at large. So don’t be shy, come ask us how we can work hand-in-hand to make Spokane the best place to live!

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