3-D Imaging

Hi 5's 3-D Imaging 2D vs 3DHi 5 Orthodontics integrates iCAT Vision, Dolphin 3-D Imaging, and Anatomage Systems. These provide high-definition, digital images and very high tech information. The cone beam scan is the most thorough and accurate facial imaging available today.

iCAT features:
open seated environment
short scan time

Hi 5's 3-D Imaging 3D Hi 5's 3-D Imaging impacted

Hi 5's 3-D Imaging pic4 cropThis advanced imaging technology creates a three dimensional digital model of your head and mouth including soft tissue and bony structures.

The 3-D reconstruction reveals jaws and teeth structures, and helps detect and evalu-ate conditions and pathologies.

This high resolution result gives practitioners and patients a better understanding of findings and treatment options.

Why Cone Beam CT?
This one scan clearly displays TMJ disorders, impacted teeth, critical bone and tooth relation-ships, oral-nasal airway, mandibular nerve ca-nal and difficult to see regions.

How does it work?
The 360° scan of your head and mouth is fast and painless. Cone beam converts a series of low-dose images into high resolution views through sophisticated space-age 3D software.

Hi 5's 3-D Imaging pic5iCAT Cone Beam 3-D Imaging System
3D cone beam imaging is a filmless digital x-ray scanner. It is specially designed for revealing areas of the face and jaws, and captures 3D information in a matter of seconds.
This provides the doctor a thorough visualiza-tion of the entire maxillofacial region with less radiation. Using a computer, we can visualize extremely detailed views.

Level of radiation
The cone beam scan delivers a radiation dose that is 1/10 of a conventional medical CT scan. Also, it is made better by 3-D technology and software.

Hi 5's 3-D Imaging pic6 cropAdvantages of the iCAT CT Scan
Procedure time is a short 8-20 seconds
Patient upright in open environment
Less radiation than traditional cat scan
Lower cost to patient
No hospital appointment necessary
3-D images easily shared with doctors
Radiology report can be requested

Why have this kind of scan?
The cone beam scan is the most thorough and accurate image available today. High-resolution, digitally-enhanced pictures provide layers of infor-mation that can be separated to view aspects of your mouth, face, and jaws.

Hi 5's 3-D Imaging pic7Applications include:
Oral surgery analysis
Implant planning
Orthodontic decisions
Cephalometric analysis
Facial or dental trauma
Temporomandibular joint evaluation (TMJ)
Airway studies
Impacted teeth
Periodontal disease
Jaw tumors

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